Sa Cabana – Agrotourism Hotel
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Sa Cabana – Agrotourism Hotel
Son Sardina Municipality of Palma

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A unique opportunity

Discover a rare and unparalleled investment opportunity nestled just a brief ten-minute drive from the bustling heart of Palma, in the serene surrounds of Son Sardina. Dating back to 1720, this country estate is steeped in centuries of history and cultural significance, offering a unique canvas for visionary investors and hospitality entrepreneurs alike.

Spanning an expansive 316,833 square meters of land, the estate boasts a captivating blend of natural beauty and architectural splendor. At its heart lies a magnificent manor house, elegantly crafted around a central patio, exuding timeless charm and character. Surrounding the main residence, an array of residential and agricultural buildings dot the landscape, offering endless possibilities for curated experiences and bespoke developments.

One of the estate's most enchanting features is the "Font des Mestre Pere" natural spring, a pristine source of water that flows graciously throughout the property, complemented by an immense water deposit, ensuring sustainability and abundance.

But the true allure lies in its potential. With a coveted building license in hand, envision transforming this historic gem into an exclusive agro-touristic haven, boasting 80 beds distributed between the main house and 24 additional rooms, each designed to offer the perfect blend of comfort and indulgence.

Guests seeking an extended stay will find sanctuary in the charming accommodations, complete with small kitchens, inviting dining areas, and cozy living spaces, all while enjoying the impeccable services and amenities of a world-class hotel.

Further enhancing the estate's appeal are plans for a tranquil spa, inviting outdoor pool, and a dedicated warehouse catering to the needs of long-term guests, ensuring every comfort is met with ease.

For those with grander aspirations, the opportunity to acquire an adjoining estate of 825,000 square meters presents itself, offering boundless opportunities for expansion or the creation of bespoke experiences amidst the estate's lush vegetation, including its impressive array of 939 Carob trees.

Embrace the opportunity to write the next chapter of this storied estate, where history meets luxury, and dreams take flight. This is more than an investment—it's a legacy in the making.

Location: Son Sardina Municipality of Palma

Land: 316833m2
Vegetation: Majority 939 Carob trees
Current Status: Residential buildings 1656,39m2 (According to Cadastre)
Current Status: Buildings for agricultural use 2407.22m2 (According to Cadastre)
The possession: The main house dates from 1720.
Old water cisterns: 361 m2 & 2277 m2
Project: Agrotourism 3835.36m2
Swimming pool: 160 m2
Source: The site contains a natural spring called "Font des Mestre Pere".

Property size:
3835 m2
Plot Size:
316833 m2
Swimming Pool
Swimming Pool
Address: Son Sardina Municipality of Palma

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